Our Design center has taken it up a notch


With the addition of our new aluminum metal craft department, we have the ability to design on the computer using 3D CAD equipment, send those files to the metal shop and produce amazing new and inventive decor items that can not be duplicated by others in the industy.

LED Lighting

C.S.S. Was one of the first innovators in the design of LED lighting over a decade ago. Since then it has become the industry standard. Now it's time to take it to a new level. With our production of exclusive battey operated LED lighting we can design and implement with no worries of cables, generators, power, or cable safety concerns.

Thank You for trusting C.S.S.

C.S.S. was selected as the exclusive design and transportation firm for a 1,500 person retreat. The meeting planner selected a carnival theme. Logistical priorities were a challenge but with proper planning the event went off without a hitch. Comments were still coming in weeks after the retreat exclaiming that it was the best retreat in the company history.

Do you have a strange request - not a problem

We have been asked to deliver a car to the top of the Tram, Build a hole in one golf island, produce a 5 day 1000 person retreat in a week after hurricanes forced the Convention to move locations, Float a car in the center of a golf course lake, produce a live rodeo in three days, locate a secret location for a new car launch, and many more. With over 30 years of experience in the event business, we've had a lot thrown at us and accomplished what our customer desired.