Welcome to Convention Support Services Inc.

One of the leading Destination Service Providers in southern California. Since 1984 C.S.S. has had the honour of providing service to Presidents, Kings, Corporate V.I.P. and some of the most demanding clients in the world. In 1984 the chief principal of the firm looked around the industry and saw that it was segmented. He was a Senior manager for a major hotel and resort firm and couldn't believe when he needed service

Well, in 1984 our founder said - "enough is enough".

He started the firm with the attitude of " tell me what you want, and I'll make it happen". His philosophy was a huge hit, customers appreciated the concept of dealing with one person for all their Convention related needs. In the last 30 years C.S.S. has pulled off some of the Coachella Valleys greatest Events. From intimate VIP weddings to groups or festivals in the thousands.


Finally no more phone call after phone call to accomplish a trade show, convention, theme event, or tour and transportation. Now customers found relief in making only one call and then sitting back while everything came together.

Often we find that customers make only one phone call then show up at the event start time with everything in place and a WOWO factor to boot.

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